Aggressive Positivity

by Vibes

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released May 11, 2017

VIBES Members:
Brian Lambert – drums/vox
Jeremy “Hex” Townsend – geetar/vox
Jordan Belanger – gitter/vox
Justin Williams – sea bass/vox
Mattie Cuvilier – lead vox

All songs written and arranged by VIBES.
*Written by VIBES with J. Frost & S. Schroeder.

All songs recorded by J. Belanger & VIBES at Laughterhouse, Edmonton, AB, Canada in winter/spring 2016.
Mixing and Mastering by zee mighty Nik Kozub at Mickey Dog Studio, Edmonton, AB, Canada in spring 2016.
Cover photo: “Wave of Change”, Zak Noyle. Band photo, Haley Pukanski.
All songs by VIBES copyright 2016/2017.



all rights reserved


VIBES Edmonton, Alberta

Positive Hardcore based out of Edmonton, AB, Canada.

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Track Name: Another Way
Another away to survive
Eats away at you inside, you know you’ve been here before
That circular thinking won’t get you nowhere
If you don’t make a change, your problems never will
But you take that easy out, tried true route
And every time it’s the same
If you’re not sure if you can take this much more
Maybe you will find another way
Look at what you do, are those actions hurting you?
The world will try to beat you down, it’s your life don’t assist em
This is your life
Track Name: Unafraid
Life will challenge you once more
It’s still easier then to ignore
I can’t sit by while others are denied
I can’t forget, I can’t close my eyes

In times of doubt, through times of change
Through tests of faith, I still remain
Unafraid to believe

Can’t pretend the obstacles aren’t there
Have the courage to be honest and aware
I won’t stop, I’ve got something to prove
A heart full of love, strife cannot remove

In times of doubt, through times of change
Through tests of faith, I still remain
Unafraid to believe

For my scene, I still remain
For my fellow man, I still remain
When times are hard, I still remain
My values stand, I still remain
I won’t give in – no way
We can change the world that we live in
Track Name: Jazz Odyssey
Constant images filling you will self-doubt
A billion dollar campaign to tell you you’re not enough
With every step, with every day, with every breath
I live it my own way
Destroy your perception until you hack and slash your flesh
In a web of lies you are enmeshed
With every step, with every day, with every breath
I live it my own way

But you have so much power and their standards are meaningless
Your goals are worth the struggle the possibilities limitless
Fight for yourself worth
Don’t let their tactics work
Track Name: Violence Noncompliance
Six men on one
Beating down someone’s son
Nowhere to run
Doing things that can’t be undone

Don’t talk to me about your rights
What the world owes you or your fights
You gave them up when you recite
The unprovoked hate that you incite

One life to live, we can learn to forgive
Be supportive, be part of a collective

Stand tall, your heart
Track Name: Safe Space Program
Watch your mouth who taught you how to act?
Oh it doesn’t bother you? That’s beside the fact

It’s about results not your intentions
It’s a privilege to be unaffected

Try to contain your words but you can’t control yourself
If that’s your best your best is not enough

Why do some guys use fear as a weapon?
Puff out your chest when your manhood’s threatened
Why do night skies mean so much less?
Pursuit of wealth the need to impress
So tell me one time something that’s true
Something real, something you feel
So that kind words do so much more
Verbal abuse cuts you to the core
Track Name: See and Connect
See the facade dissolve
When you see the interconnectivity of it all
Everything that seems random, is controlled
But another human soul
The great fiction fueled by belief
Unfocus and see the lies that’re underneath
Institutions aren’t permanent fixtures
Small screens add up to a bigger picture

If you can’t see their system
See and connect
Then you can’t use it against em
See and connect
If you can’t raise the curtain
See and connect
How are you gonna hurt em?

If you want to break those chains
You gotta learn the rules to the game
Want you to believe in their dominion
My friend it’s an illusion
Track Name: No Absolutes
Equal person with an equal mind
Don’t act like they’re a different kind
Just acting on human motivation
Doesn’t change with your religion and orientation

What you see as inferiority
Is equality, another human being

You’ve found the answers for yourself
Doesn’t mean you know for somebody else
We have to learn to strengthen our community
To make a change for positivity

Just because you found the answer for you, you think you know it all
We gotta listen and trust one another to rise above
Track Name: Plus Signs
Spend your whole life in wait
Stuck in place victim of fate
Don’t wait for permission
Rise up and overcome
Don’t give up on yourself
Fight for your mental health
You got everything to lose
Your life, your chance to choose

I have choice of how I live
You have a choice of how you live
Track Name: Break The Cycle
Break the cycle!
How much time can you give to what other people think?
When this world is trying to drown you, you’re treading water, refuse to sink
They try to label you to explain the things you do
But what are those labels gonna do for you?

They can make their plans and push you through
To rise above it starts and ends with you
I have everything I’ll ever need
My will to achieve

Every day that passes you must advance
They thought kids like us never had a chance
How can you live up to their expectations?
When their educations is to push information

They can make their plans and push you through
To rise above it starts and ends with you
I have everything I’ll ever need
My will to achieve

It’s time to break the cycle
Messy, maladjusted like enter nexus
Just a kid the stuff you did leaves you living like you got a death wish
Make em sit still, put em on a pill
ADD and manic depressive
Escape the mold, they’ll stifle and lock you
All they wanna do is put you in a box dude
They wanna brand you, but do they understand you?
Break the cycle cuz they do not command you
And I know that their words will haunt you still
Follow your dreams cuz no one else will